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Meet the Crew!

I hope you all had a wonderful #thanksgi
#happyhalloween from these little cuties



About Alicia- I am the author of "Tyler and Lucy are the Best of Friends", the first book of a series about my son and our dog. I am a stay-at-home-mom to our three year old son Tyler, infant daughter Juliana, and fur baby Lucy. I never intended to stay home after I had Tyler but things change, priorities change and your perspective on life changes once your little bundle is placed in your arms for the first time. I am blessed to be able to spend my days crawling around the floor playing with Batman and Ninja Turtle toys, coloring, and reading with my hilarious little man, sweet baby girl and spunky perma-puppy Lucy.

Reading is a very big part of our lives. My husband, Tom, and I read to Tyler and Juliana every day. We feel that reading is not only educationally, intellectually and creatively beneficial for them but it also enhances our bond with him. I wrote this book, as well as the others I am working on for the series, for my children.  I have always been passionate about writing but never pursued it as more than a hobby. Being home with Tyler, reading to him daily and seeing how much he learns from and enjoys our story time really lit a spark in me. I want my stories to be a legacy for Tyler and Juliana and for them to capture something they are too young now to remember so they can always treasure their time with our wonderful dog. Juliana's relationship is off to a very similar start as Tyler's- they are bonding. playing and loving each other more every single day. I cannot wait to include her in upcoming books! I also want to give parents something fun to read with their children. 

Since Juliana, aka "Pickle", came into our lives, I have begun a new adventure crafting fun, stylish hair bows! If you are interested in checking those out please follow us on Instagram to see what's new!


About Tyler and Lucy- Anyone who has met Tyler and Lucy knows they have a very special bond. From the moment Tyler came home from the hospital, Lucy has been by his side. She takes countless baby "hugs" and "kisses" from Tyler on a daily basis and continues to love him unconditionally. The two of them can often be found running around playing with toys, or snuggling up on the couch for story time or to watch their favorite shows. Tyler is now three and Lucy is six. 

Juliana has brought so much love and light to our lives. Watching Tyler grow as a big brother and care of her, love her and help take care of her has filled our hearts with so much pride. Lucy, of course, is smitten with her littlest playmate and the girls definitely have a strong relationship. I cannot wait to share stories about my girls together in upcoming books. It has been an absolute joy watching my three babies together every day and I look forward to sharing their adventures with everyone very soon!

About the Illustrator- Alejandra López is our fantastically talented artist that we are so thankful to have on this journey with us. She is a freelance graphic design artist and illustrator from Chile. As a child she always loved how children's books can transport you to a fantastic, magical world. Her long standing passion for children's books lead her to devote herself full-time to illustrating after she graduated with her degree in graphic design in 2016. Her amazing work can be found in children's books published in Chile, Spain and the U.S. Please check out more of Alejandra's work here:

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